Sunday, December 2, 2012

Banana Calories

Energy value of bananas around 136 calories for every 100 grams, which as a whole comes from carbohydrates. Energy value of banana twice higher than apple. Apples with the same weight (100 grams) contains only 54 calories.

Carbohydrates provide energy bananas slightly slower than with sugar and syrup, but faster than rice, biscuits, and a type of bread. Therefore, many athletes during pauses or breaks eating bananas as an energy reserve.

Banana Calories
Energy content of bananas is instant energy, which is readily available in a short time, making it useful in providing instantaneous calorie needs. Carbohydrates banana is a complex carbohydrate and a moderate available gradually, so as to provide energy in a time not too fast. Carbohydrates banana is an excellent energy reserves to use and can be quickly made available to the body.

Sugar banana is fruit sugar, is composed of fructose has a lower glycemic index than glucose, so pretty well as energy storage for a little more slowly metabolized. After working hard or think, always be drowsiness. This situation is a sign of the brain is deprived of energy, so that the biological activity also declined.

To carry out its activities, the brain requires energy in the form of glucose. Blood glucose is vital for the brain to function properly, such as expressed in the ability of memory. Glucose is mainly derived from the brain blood circulation due to glycogen as glucose reserves are very limited existence.

Blood glucose is mainly derived from carbohydrate food intake. Bananas are the best alternative for providing energy in a moment of rest or pause, when the brain is rapidly available energy needed for biological activity.

However, the content of protein and fat banana was not good and was very low, at only 2.3 percent and 0.13 percent. However, the fat and protein content of bananas are still higher than the apple, which is only 0.3 percent. Therefore, do not be afraid of obesity despite eating bananas in large quantities.

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